The Benefits of Soaking in Saratoga Springs Mineral Baths

Saratoga Springs Mineral Bath

Taking a dip in the Saratoga Springs Mineral Baths is more than just a great way to relax. Soaking in a mineral bath can have beneficial effects on your health!

Just about every culture ever alive on the planet has enjoyed soaking in mineral baths and believed in their beneficial healing properties.

By the 19th century, Saratoga developed as a resort town where visitors flocked to the springs for their therapeutic properties. It became a thriving spa, where visitors came for "the cure", drinking prescribed amounts of various mineral waters and taking hydrotherapy treatments & mineral baths.

Benefits of Mineral Springs

The sulfur found in mineral springs baths actually is terrific for your skin, and also has been found to have beneficial effects on asthma, skin diseases, rheumatism, shoulder, neck and wrist pain, neuralgia, arteriosclerosis; and more.

Soaking in a mineral bath allows you to immerse your body within the water, giving your skin plenty of time to open its pores and absorb nutrients over a large area, making it easier to detoxify your body.

And of course, just the act of soaking in warm water soothes your muscles and mind.

To be used for therapeutic purposes, any mineral bath needs to have at least one gram per liter of dissolved minerals or gases such as sodium, calcium, potassium, chloride, sodium, bicarbonate, hydrogen sulfide, silicon dioxide, or iron.

Carbon dioxide and bicarbonate gases are believed to increase a bather’s blood circulation by opening up blood vessels. They also are believed to help in the treatment of hardening of the arteries and hypertension because an increase in blood circulation delivers more oxygen to cells, thus improving their performance.

Have you had surgery recently? Mineral baths often are recommended to people who are recovering from surgery. They’re also believed to be of benefit to the endocrine system because, as the body relaxes, the bather’s adrenal glands relax helping restore balance to the body’s endocrine system.

Whatever the actual benefits of mineral waters may be, the waters of Saratoga continue to draw the faithful, skeptical and curious here to sample and savor its mineral essence.

Interested in trying it out during your next trip to Saratoga? Below is a list of local Saratoga mineral springs:

Where To Find Saratoga's Mineral Springs

Congress Park Area- Saratoga Springs

  • Congress Spring
  • Columbian Springs
  • Deer Park Spring
  • Hathorn #1

High Rock Avenue- Saratoga Springs

  • Governor Spring
  • Peerless Spring
  • High Rock Spring
  • Empire Spring
  • Old Red Spring

Saratoga Spa State Park-Saratoga Springs

  • State Seal
  • Geyser Spring
  • Charlie Spring
  • Polaris Spring
  • Geyser Island Spouter
  • Hayes Well Spring
  • Orenda Spring and Tufa Deposits
  • Hathorn #3
  • Lincoln Spring (bathe and taste this spring at the Roosevelt Baths and Spa)

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