Broadway Rate

Broadway Rate at Pavilion Grand

An exclusive introduction rate to Elevate; Pavilion Grand Hotel’s Guest Loyalty Program. Enjoy the weekday experience at Pavilion Grand Hotel where relaxation and ambiance are coupled with the most spacious suites Saratoga Springs has to offer.  At Pavilion Grand, we feel our guests should enjoy an experience that is truly Like No Other so we have put together this special offer with you in mind for business or pleasure!

Book the Broadway Rate

To get this rate, use the code BWAY when booking online or call the hotel directly at 518.583.2727 to make your reservation. Please note that Fridays and Saturdays are not applicable.

Introducing Pavilion Grand Executive Apartments

This Fall, November 1, 2020, Pavilion Grand Hotel will become Pavilion Grand Executive Apartments, truly a luxury apartment experience... Like No Other! This new concept will fill a niche in the Saratoga Springs and regional market for guests to enjoy the option of year-round apartments, sub-rental opportunities, or the ability to stay from two weeks to a month at a time.

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