An Interview with Make Me Fabulous Alayne Curtiss

Sensational and sincere are just two of a bounty of words that describe Alayne Curtiss, the talented and innovative entrepreneur behind Make Me Fabulous. Having spent the past 20 years educating herself and her clients in the art of aesthetics, cosmetics, and great hair, Alayne has had the opportunity to train and work with a number of beauty industry giants, including Lancome, L’Oreal, Clinique, Clairol and Bobbi Brown - to name a few. From print to performance, Alayne’s work has been featured on the pages of Glamour, Women’s Day, Martha Stewart, Self, Instyle Hair and The Knot, as well as on the faces of on-screen personalities including Governors Pataki and Cuomo, HGTV, Spike TV, The Today Show, MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon and designers Pnina Tornia and Mark Zunino for NY Bridal Fashion Week 2016. Alayne’s experience rivals many in the industry and she is thrilled to offer her signature services along with a team of gifted professionals at her boutique, Make Me Fabulous, located in Ballston Spa, and her all-new retail location with the addition of a full-service spa in Saratoga Springs at the Pavilion Grand Hotel.

Why did you get involved with the business of hair and makeup?

When I was a young girl, in my teens, I was the one who did everyone's hair and makeup. For dances, proms, weddings, sleep overs. Back then, hair and makeup was not a career choice that was widely accepted. I earned my bachelor's degree in Marketing and minored in Accounting. I always wanted to work in the cosmetics industry. I was passed up for jobs I wanted with major cosmetics companies. So, after working as a sales representative for Experian and Clinique, I started my own company in 1997 after my second child was born. After my third baby, I entered beauty school, worked part time, and was building my company.

How do you like the addition of the spa services to your businesses?

It has been a natural addition to our business. Last weekend, our bridal party that had scheduled with us more than a year ago added massages to their pre-wedding preparation and we were able to provide massage and facial services on the terrace in their suite at the hotel.

What do you see as the next trend in women's hair?

Natural, soft, less structured and lived in. How easy and fabulous!

Do you have a favorite model that you’ve worked with?

Doing hair at Kleinfelds for Bridal Fashion Week for Pnina Tournai and Mark Zunino was pretty amazing. All the models seemed to be from Russia with beautiful bone structures and the longest legs ever! They were all so sweet, too!

What is the most unique Bridal event for hair and make up that you have done?

Wow, I've had so many amazing experiences. It would be hard to pick just one! I like to remember not the event itself but more the interactions and relationships I have been able to build with the families who choose our services and the long term friendships I have built over the years. I feel as if I have so many little families that I get to be a part of. That's the best part for me.

What are some make up and hair trends for this summer's hot weather?

We are continuing to see soft undone styles, but they are transitioning to a classic elegance as well. Hair that is soft but also timeless, and definitely more than one style for the day. We see perhaps an elegant up-style and a less structured down style all on the same wedding day. For makeup, the whole contouring thing is softening. Hi-lighting and dewy fresh skin is in. Its all about beautiful skin right now. Statement lips are also making a splash on the bridal scene. 

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